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"Benjamin and Mollie have made music together for over two years. Benjamin is visually impaired and hard of hearing and the enthusiasm and love that Mollie brings to every session has led to a level of engagement and response that only music and Mollie can achieve. Benjamin brings these skills into his classroom learning with wonderful results!"
Karen, Benjamin's Mom
"Music Therapy is so much more than singing songs and playing instruments. This beautiful form of learning combines occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and daily life skills into one all-encompassing session.  It also serves as an outlet for children who may struggle with traditional learning styles.  In A's case, he uses music in everyday life to work through challenges, new situations, and daily activities. Music Therapy has given him a space where he feels completely comfortable to be himself.  We have seen so much growth in A since we started music therapy, and we would never have expected him to show interest in notes and rhythms to create songs.  It is through music that we see A's personality shine, and so to say we are grateful for music therapy is an understatement!    - E.G.
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