6 Beet Haven


A couple years ago, my husband and I moved to a small farm in Brighton which we have named 6 Beet Haven. This name is a play on my favorite symphony, Beethoven's 6th Symphony, also known as the Pastoral Symphony. Beethoven appreciated the serenity of the countryside as much as we do and he wrote this beautiful piece of music to express his appreciation of nature.

6 Beet Haven is also a nod to the agricultural history of Brighton where sugar beets were a major crop. We currently have ducks and geese for egg production, bees for honey and we are slowly adding fruit trees and creating fertile soil for garden vegetables. I hope to eventually add sheep to our farm. I love to crochet and have a goal of learning to spin wool into yarn.

Now for Sale:
Duck eggs
$7 per dozen
$3.50 per half dozen

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