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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is led by the goals and preferences of the client and may include playing instruments, singing, moving to music, listening to music, writing music, and more. No prior music lessons or experience are necessary to benefit from Music Therapy.

Music Therapy uses music to work toward functional, individual goals. Those goals might include:

  • communication

  • motor skills

  • cognitive skills

  • sensory processing/integration

  • emotional expression

  • self-regulation, etc.

A music therapist, certified by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (

  • Assesses the client's strengths and needs

  • Creates goals with the client

  • Designs music experiences to help the client achieve goals

  • Documents progress toward the goals.


The music experiences are designed based on a scientific understanding of how the brain and body are affected by music.

Music Therapy is well grounded in scientific research. The following websites provide a good starting point for learning more about that research:


Office is located at 21 North 1st Ave, Brighton, CO


Individual rate: $95 per hour or $72 for 45 minutes

Music Therapy is covered by the CES, SLS, CHRP, and CLLI Medicaid waivers. 

Please contact Mollie Hiebert for funding options.

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