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Little Lambs and Wise Owls

Intergenerational Music Groups

These music groups are for Little Lambs (children ages 4 months to 4 years) and will be held at a Senior Living Community where elder friends (Wise Owls) are invited to join the music making fun.

Fridays at 4pm

Brighton, CO

Register by calling or emailing Mollie

$15 per class, 1st class is FREE!

When I was young, my grandmother used to sing a song to me called Mairzy Doats. The lyrics are silly but I still remember all the words and cherish the memories of singing with my grandparents.

Young children and elders have a special knack for being silly, having fun, and not worrying about what others think. It is this uninhibited bliss that makes these two generations a great fit for making music in a way that benefits all involved.

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